After installing the final piece to my MasterVolt DC and AC power project (more on that in a huge post coming soon) I began having issues with battery capacity and engine starting. After a lot of investigation, and the decision to re-cable most of the original (old) and hand made (me) cables, I found the real reason that things were awry. I had added a BlueSea Terminal Fuse Block to every battery when I installed my new Firefly batteries a few months ago. I had used these on my previous boat Jammy, and loved how compact and useful they were, while providing excellent fusing right at the battery terminal.


Best drink holder ever?

It seems like I have been in a perpetual search for ways to hold cups, glasses, cans, and other drinks while underway. That's why I was very excited after hearing about a new universal drink holder made by Zarcor. They are the manufacturer of a number of other products that you should definitely look into if you have a boat. My favorite project this last year was replacing my cockpit hatch boards with custom doors which they made. This new universal drink holder is made of the same high quality Star Board material, crafted with a few neat tricks to help your drinks stay on board.

Ambient LED cabin lights

Adding more ambient light in the main salon and master stateroom has been a priority since replacing the halogen lights with CREE LEDs a few months ago. Having had extensive experience at home and work with LED strip lighting, I knew that I could find an elegant solution that would not break the bank. I started the research at my favorite LED site, SuperBrightLEDs, and settled on a simple configuration that I'm very happy with.

Jarrell Cove

The original plan for our fifth day of our South Puget Sound trip was to head back to Eagle Island or Oro Bay, but we decided head to Jarrell Cove for a night and extend our trip. I was very excited to see Jarrell Cove again - one of my favorite places in all of Puget Sound. After the last few days of light wind, we were rewarded with 5-15 knots in the latter half of the day, allowing us to put in 5 or so hours of sailing. The weather continued to be perfect, with light clouds in the morning, and near 80 degree temps during the day with blue skies.