Terminal fuse blocks saved my batteries

After installing the final piece to my MasterVolt DC and AC power project (more on that in a huge post coming soon) I began having issues with battery capacity and engine starting. After a lot of investigation, and the decision to re-cable most of the original (old) and hand made (me) cables, I found the real reason that things were awry. I had added a BlueSea Terminal Fuse Block to every battery when I installed my new Firefly batteries a few months ago. I had used these on my previous boat Jammy, and loved how compact and useful they were, while providing excellent fusing right at the battery terminal.



Everyone is after me….

Above is a screen shot from my chart plotter at the end of the day when I was sailing/motoring back into Elliott Bay here...


Be prepared wherever you are

Drones on sailboats

3D printing for the boat

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