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Boat Command initial install and review

In today's world of always-connected systems, I am surprised that there are not more vendors in the space of vessel monitoring. In 2008 I installed a system from Boat Sense Solutions which failed multiple times, was generally unreliable, and the company has since gone out of business. Since then there have been some new players in the market including Siren Marine & Boat Command.…

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Maretron SMS100 Review

I am always looking for better ways to monitor things - from my home network, to our family cabin temperatures, to my sailboat. I have tried other vessel monitoring solutions, but they all had various issues ranging from cost, stability, and install time.…

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Second Boatsense unit installed

Got a replacement Boatsense unit from the manufacturer, and installed it last week. No problems on the swap – took about 10 minutes, and everything tested out correctly. Set up my custom alert messsages and tested each alert by tripping the various sensors. No problems. Took a while for the manufacturer to respond to my queries to get it repaired, and initially it was quite frustrating getting text messages for things that weren’t broken at all hours of the day. The technology is new, so I know there will be some bugs. Hopefully this will be the last of them…

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Boatsense problems

I’ve had the new Boatsense Remote Vessel monitoring solution installed for a week or so now, and have had a few problems with it. First, the company that manages it did some sort of firmware update to it, and it now sends me pages at random times (usually at 1-3AM) with gibberish in it. They have looked at it and believe they can repair it. Then, it started paging me that my battery is low. I tested the battery just to be sure with a very accurate multimeter, and found no problems. After repeated emails to the manufacturer, they finally…

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Remote vessel monitoring

For a long time I’ve dreamt of having a system that would send me an email or text message when there’s something wrong. There are a lot of very high priced systems out there that you can purchase and for a monthly fee, have specific things monitored. Many of them are very bulky, require a lot of specialized hardware, and cost an arm and a leg. Recently, I was reading a sailing magazine (forget which one) and saw a write-up on a new system called Boat Sense Solutions. The system seemed really well thought out, and was reasonably priced. The…